23 Nov

Five Tips to Launch Your Career

Ever wondered why different people coming out of the same colleges do differently in their lives and careers? Some of these people seem to have the perfect Launchpad while others take time to find their foot hold in the industry.

Here are a few tips to give your career that perfect start:

The best way to get some actual work experience before you are gainfully employed with an organization is to intern with them. Not only does this give you a firsthand feel of working in a corporate environment, it also provides opportunities to find a mentor who can help shape the rest of your career. A mentor is significantly more experienced that you and can guide you with respect to important decisions of your career and can also act as a sponsor for future career progression.

2.Take up a specialized course
Today getting a mere graduation or post-graduation degree alone does not give you a ticket to the corporate world. Enrolling in a Specialization course not only upskills you but in some cases, provides you placement opportunities as well. Some of these courses are available online and others may require you to be in a classroom. Choose one that best suits your learning style and schedule.

3.Build a Personal Brand

  • Powerful Resume’
    As a College Student, you may not have any job-related skills to showcase. It is a smart move to highlight any work that may seem relevant to your employer- the only word of caution is to not brag about your accomplishments and not overstate the facts. So, don’t forget to mention how you were the president of the debate society of your college or talk a little bit about the volunteer experience or that internship you took last summer!
  • Dress Impeccably
    While a lot of the new age industries are doing away with dress code for their workers (especially those who do not interface with end users/customers), dressing up smartly for work just shows a level of seriousness and makes you stand apart from your colleagues- so bid goodbye to that stubble and unkempt hair if you want to been seen and noticed.

4.Become Tech Savvy
With everything around, us going digital, it is imperative that we appreciate the technology we are surrounded by today. Take some time to understand how the systems in your organization run, what platforms are used by your organizations and read a little bit about them in your spare time.

5.Go that Extra Mile….
Quite literally – Go the extra mile – Whether it means putting in a few extra hours at work to learn a little bit more about the product or service you company deals with or taking up a refresher training on a topic you already know. The more you read about your industry and its challenges, about your competitors, the more confident you will get. Aim to become the ‘go to’ person in your area of work.

Your career is like any new relationship – the more time and energy you invest early on – the better your prospects will be in the future.