23 Nov

Five Tips to Launch Your Career

Ever wondered why different people coming out of the same colleges do differently in their lives and careers? Some of these people seem to have the perfect Launchpad while others take time to find their foot hold in the industry.


11 Oct

Get Over Fear of Sales

This HBR articles talks about the fear of targets, misconceptions and apprehensions associated with a career in sales and how having a career in sales puts you at the heart of the revenue generating engine of a business.

08 Sep

Selling Skills Are Life Skills

“Everyone lives by selling something” – Robert Louis Stevenson

While this may sound a little farfetched, its true! Selling skills are not restricted to those in the sales profession alone. Every one of us has been involved in selling something at some point – whether it is selling our skills in a job interview or negotiating terms of a contract with a prospective employer or vendor or selling an idea to our stakeholders, all of us are salespeople.


24 Aug

5 Tips to Ace Your First Job Interview – And Every Interview Thereafter

You have done all the hard work – the exams, the nights of study, making choices of career streams, the research on companies, the preparation – and now, the day is finally here when all of this hard work must come together and you must perform on that final threshold to your career – your first job interview! You want to ace it and there is this nervous tension and anxiety you experience – it’s fair to be nervous, I guess all of us were nervous the first time around. And you look around for some last minute help – from friends, online, from books – so that you feel better prepared.


28 Jul

What’s Your Employability Quotient

An interesting article about Employability, specifically in the Indian context. The article tries to answer important questions like what is employability, is the real problem un-employability or employability assessment and more. Are you employable ?